The most popular type of valuable vintage Cartier watch is either a new model which began production

Cartier as the type of industry expert who not only should have known better, but did know better. In one of the causes of action, Cartier of fraud, which requires specific knowledge of the false information delivered to Cartier about the nature and authenticity of the watches. Therefore, Cartier not only accuses Maron of selling him watches that were not 100% authentic as promised, but also knowing that he was selling Mayer inauthentic timepieces.

Cartier has dedicated at least two decades of his life to the purchase and sale of high-end timepieces, which also includes a number of rare and vintage models. Cartier complaint further reminds the court that Maron is not only Harvard-educated, but also an attorney. Cartier attorney has taken efforts to bolster Maron's sense of skills and education in order to suggest that Maron specifically defrauded Cartier into purchasing timepieces not worth the asking price.

According to the complaint, the majority of Cartier information came directly from Cartier, who is known for judiciously monitoring the authenticity of the timepieces that come in for service. Cartier is a meticulous record keeper and is, if anything, overly protective of their image and the recognition of their rare historic pieces that circulate among high-end collectors and that frequently show up at major international auctions. It is often said in the watch collector community that more "fake" ultra-rare vintage Cartier watches exist than authentic ones. This is due not only to their value, but also because there is a sophisticated network of workshops dedicated to "producing" replica vintage models in the hopes of selling them to eager collectors.

Historically, Cartier worked with a number of outside suppliers to produce parts for their watches. For this reason various minor details on parts such as cases and dials may have varied from one watch to another. The most popular type of valuable vintage Cartier is either a new model which began production in the 1950s and 1960s respectively. Due to the sometimes inconsistent parts used in authentic historic Cartier watches, it can be very difficult for anyone but honed experts to identify a complete authentic versus counterfeit timepiece. In this context "counterfeit" can mean a timepiece that combines original parts with replica parts (such as for hands, dials, etc... )#).

The sale of vintage (as well as new) Cartier watches is big business. Like many contemporary wealthy watch collectors, Cartier relied upon the advice and trust of people like Bob Maron in selecting (and often buying) timepieces for his collection. Experts help educate and inform collectors of what the rarest and more important timepieces to collect are. At the time of writing Cartier has not yet responded to the complaint, which was filed in his local jurisdiction. We will continue to monitor the law suit as it progresses. What is the take away message? Well, first of all, the vintage and auction market is quite murky and it should be proceeded with extreme caution, especially at the very high-end. For this reason we at aBlogtoWatch are very judicious in our coverage of auctions and related "available" vintage pieces because all too often there is funny business. Also, even the most esteemed and respected celebrity Cartier watch lovers rely on expert advice.

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What this translates to much of the time is that the date discs have a perfect match to Cartier watc

As the watch name so aptly states, the Cartier has the time, moon phase indicator, tourbillon, and big date indicator (which is panorama date in Cartier lingo). It is worth pointing out again, that because Cartier owns their dial maker, they see to little details such as proper color matching. What this translates to much of the time is that the date discs have a perfect match to the colors of the rest of the dial. It is a minor, yet important touch in the pursuit of pure refinement– and isn't that a huge part of what high-end watches are all about?

Part of me would have said that some of that empty space on the dial under the big date indicator would have been great for a power reserve indicator. Though I won't say that because this tourbillon-based movement is an automatic. It doesn't quite use a micro-rotor, but we will say a 3/4 rotor, just like the hallmark 3/4 movement plate found in a lot of German-made watches. The movement is the calibre 93-02 automatic with a 48 hour power reserve, and you can see it through the sapphire crystal caseback window.

Another piece of text that is going to cause controversy is the large label on the movement that says "flying tourbillon. " In a sense this is one of those pride things because Cartier watchmaker invented the flying tourbillon. Having said that, it feels like labeling on an automobile indicating something about the engine such as "Fuel Injection. " The watch is just supposed to have a Cartier, blatantly saying it isn't really a good use of space. Maybe this area on the movement under the rotor would have been a perfect spot to put the model name and reference number?

Did you notice that the watch contains 48 jewels and two diamonds. Yeah, I've never seen it written out like that before, as i was pretty sure diamonds are jewels as well. The two diamonds are somewhere in the movement but I can only account for one. That one seems to be in the middle of the tourbillon assembly. I wasn't able to spot the other. Perhaps you can find it for us? This year, the Cartier is only available in 18k rose gold. It is possible that Cartier will release the watch in 18k white gold next year, or thereafter. In rose gold it looks beautiful, and is available matched to either a black or brown alligator strap. Many will be really happy with the size of the case. There are a lot of large tourbillon watches out there, but the PanoLunarTourbillon is just 40mm wide. That isn't small, per se, but it does offer the dimensions of a dress watch. Plus at about 13mm thick, the case is substantial enough to look great at 40mm in width.

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